Who Made This?


I recently posted a "quote" on Instagram by (apparently) Emma Watson. I love this idea that in order for anyone to feel like a quote really resonates with them it has to be said by a likeable celebrity. I'm not sure if Emma Watson said any such thing,  maybe she did?! Either way the quote did resonate with me last night, lying in bed, scrolling through Instagram and here's why.

I spend a lot of time in our little shop surrounded by many pretty things. I can literally go around the room and tell you who made what, the process used (Nick is better at that) where it was made and often a fun little story about the piece (i.e.Coal and Canary candles from Winnipeg were chosen to go into Emmy and Grammy gift bags!) There is almost always a face behind every product in the store and it is not out of the question to say I have a relationship with my Smoking Lily top or my Kutula Kiss bracelet. 

Because of this I have become a more mindful shopper. (I can't believe I just used mindful in my first ever blog post). I have so much respect and admiration for all the makers who kindly fill our shelves and have come to realize how much work, passion and creativity it takes to make such beautiful pieces (especially because my creativity consists mostly of Instagram posts and witty banter with shop visitors). 

Hey, I'm not saying that there isn't room on our shelves for some Made in China wares, we're not total purists, that's for sure, but it's impossible to be surrounded by such special pieces and not have a discerning eye when it comes to where (and to whom) my hard earned dollars go to support. 

So thanks Emma Watson (or impersonator) for inspiring me to write Coal Town's first ever blog. And thanks for shopping small, Literally.




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